Chelsea Flower Show here I come

Beyond my wildest expectations, Stefano Passerotti and I have been invited to participate at the centenary of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2013.

Stefano Passerotti and Anna Piussi Stefano Passerotti and me

We are thrilled to have this opportunity and proud to be featured in the Fresh Gardens category, where the most creative and innovative garden designs will be put on show. Our garden, The Pangea Sonic Garden, will be one of eleven in this category.

The garden, inspired by Classical myth, is an enchanted forest carpeted with plants. A clearing in the sacred grove reveals an altar to the woodland God, Pan, and a circular chaise-longue, sacred to Gea, Mother Earth. The theme is the celebration of nature in all its incarnations.

The Sonic Pangea Garden A watercolour draft of The Sonic Pangea Garden

The garden holds ten Sonic spears - one for each of the ten decades of the RHS Chelsea Flower show. The garden summarises the achievements of Chelsea: contemporary design, the promotion of horticultural variety, of horticultural excellence, and the creation of an international language of gardens.

The ‘Sonic spears’ represent towering tree trunks dappled with light, emitting natural sounds. All plants stimulate the senses; they are tactile, edible, scented, pungent and spicy. The design features the balance of male and female creative energy.

The planting is restricted to a few plants in broad strokes of colours. A mix of taller perennials ‘floats’ over lower groundcover annuals in a contrasting colour. Against a dominant base of light green are accents of pink, purple and orange. Colour is expressed in small flowers (such as Ghaura Lindheimeri Siskiyou Pink), as well as foliage, such as purple-leaved begonias and chilli peppers. The green base ranges from the light green of Basil and Alchemilla mollis to the silver tones of the Dianthus. A seated area is carpeted in the minute green leaves of Lippia nodiflora and partly screened by airy Miscanthus grasses. The dominant theme is fresh colours, in the pink to purple range, to reflect and contrast with the copper sheeting of the altar to Pan.

The inspiration for the garden comes from the shared interest in the natural environment, and in contemporary gardens, that has brought the Passerotti Piussi team together. It embodies their commitment to new ideas and exciting design that works with, not against, a natural garden.

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