Living roof maintenance and development

A living roof is a form of garden - it requires maintenance and will reward you with seasonal changes.

armeria in green roof I'll say it now: if you want a maintenance-free, cheap, green roof, get green tiles. What is popularly known as 'green roof' is known professionally as 'extensive roof garden' which is more exact. {image1} First of all it's a garden, a collection… Read on

Living roofs or green roofs

Living roofs come in many colours, depending on the plants chosen. Foliage and flower colour change during the seasons, and they can be haven for butterflies and other wildlife.

green roof finished I have been fascinated with living roofs since childhood. I never forgot how Laura Ingalls Wilder describes her father making a sod house, in her classic book "Little House on the Prairie". The roof was made with grass turves, which… Read on

Mixed Borders

Mixed borders combine herbaceous perennial and shrubs. In plain English: a variety of colourful foliage and flowers have something of interest all year

stipa geum rosa ballerina Mixed borders developed in England in the early 20th century to combine shrubs and herbaceous plants for a great show of colour. {image1} Over time they have extended to include grasses, and there is a greater emphasis on herbaceous perennial… Read on

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