Chelsea Flower Show 2013-The Sonic Pangea Garden

Press day and beyond - the Sonic Pangea garden is completed

All that hard work has been worth it! By May the 19th, the garden is ready for the big day - Press day, when it will be scrutinized by the keenest eyes in the garden world. I'd have to pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming, but since I've been running on about 3 hours' sleep a night for the last ten days, I am in a walking coma as I meet some of design idols.

pangea day view 2

The completed garden looks remarkably like the original proposal

From concept to realization, it's been a 10 month journey. What amazes me is how close the completed garden comes to the watercolour proposal submitted for acceptance.

pangea watercolour

Anna Piussi's watercolour for Passerotti Piussi Gardens

Issues outside our control included the background wall, but I love the way the vertical lines of the Sonic Spears, in steel and aluminium, contrast against the rammed earth wall constructed by our neighbours, Wilson McWilliam Studio. Talking about idols, I've been working right alongside one of my design mentors! Andrew Wilson's books crowd my shelves, he and Gavin have been incredibly kind neighbours, and it has been an education to watch them at work on their garden. 

pangea day view

The rammed earth wall belongs to the neighbours - Cloudy Bay Garden, by Wilson McWilliam studio

The Sonic Spears emit natural sounds and light, and really come into their own as light falls. Since the sun rarely comes out for all of show week, they do get to glimmer in daytime, but it's at night that they really become magical.

pangea night view

The slender shapes of the Sonic Spears seems to echo the tall cylinders which mark the Fresh Gardens section

The night of the Gala is clear and chilly. The garden really seems like a vision in a dream.

pangea night spears

Gala night is eerie

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