Planting plan

Good design is eco-logical. Right plants for the right place

A planting plan is a scaled drawing of each planting area with symbols indicating each plant or group of plants in its correct position. All plant material is listed on the same document with correct botanical names in Latin, which are identical worldwide and are always be used professional nurseries. As designer I will also provide separate plant lists, and I can source the plants for the clients from reputable nurseries.

colemore planting plan

Planting plans show the position of each plant chosen, with its botanical name

Planting plans are the result of careful considerations. Soil type, exposure, wind and availability of water are some of the biological factors to be taken into account. Plant habit, scent, sound, colour and texture are some of the other factors which affect plant choice. Will the plants be seen up close or will they be distant, stand alone or act as backdrops to other plants or features? 

agave striata

The silhouette and cast shadow of Agave are part of its appeal. Who needs flowers with a leaf like that?

Bold sculptural leaves or fine mobile stems, small or large flowers, seasonal colours, mass planting, formal or informal groups - the possibilities are endless, if the local growing conditions are kept in mind.

Plants are part of the specific ecosystem of a garden. For long term succes and impact we cannot force plants to grow in conditions unsuitable to them. It is ecologically unsound, and economically foolish, to try to modify the environment to please unsuitable plants, so my aim is to create low-maintenance, drought tolerant gardens.


Massed planting of drought-tolerant species look great all year even without irrigation

 A well planted garden will thrive and fullfill its purpose, without needing to be constant replacements and tending. Since the garden's user is part of the garden, the principle of "right plants for the right place" boils down to this: a happy plant makes a happy client.


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