Plant sourcing and planting

Great plants make all the difference - from large specimen trees to drought-tolerant perennials, I know where to find them

Living in Tuscany I am spoilt for choice, as I have access to some of the greatest plant producers in Europe.

herbaceous nursery

Some nurseries specialize in herbaceous plants of mouth-watering variety

As an independent designer, I will source the best plants from a range of nurseries, chosen for what they specialize in. The favourable growing conditions of the areas of Lucca, Pistoia, the Maremma, and the Versilia coast, have resulted in a thriving nursery industry. Great horticultural expertise is behind the production of topiary and large container-grown trees, which are shipped all over the world. 

tree nursery

Large shrubs and trees ready to be shipped in a nursery in Pistoia

When it comes to planting out, I like to supervise all planting, which I will carry out myself for smaller gardens.

planting out torrigiani

Plants are set out into place before planting out

I am proud to say I helped source plants for the Gold-medal winning Daily Telegraph Garden at Chelsea Flower Show 2014, designed by Tommaso del Buono and Paul Gaserwitz.

piussi limoni tintori

Searching for spectacular lemons for Chelsea Flower Show

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