Gardening Tutorials in Tuscany

Face it: you are animal, they are vegetable. You can kill enough plants to figure out how they work, or you can take a course and keep them happy.

My father is a forester and ecologist, my aunt has a plant nursery, and I've been playing with plants for as long as I can remember. You'd think I was born with green fingers but no, they were mainly muddy.

As I grew increasingly interested in gardens I read everything I could about plants, and dutifully checked everything in my books before I even picked up a trowel. The most basic instructions can be baffling: "Water when necessary" - what does that mean? My books got very muddy too.

Taking the RHS Certificate course in Horticulture changed my life. Understanding the theory behind horticultural techniques, and getting to practice everything under expert supervision, turned me into a real gardener.

portrait piussi in torrigiani

Late winter is the time to tidy your borders before the explosive growth of spring

I learned, from the soil up, what a plant need to thrive. Knowing the tricks of sowing, pricking out, planting out, pruning, and many more aspects of gardening and maintenance are covered, gave me the confidence to tackle my own gardens  and help others with theirs

I offer garden tutoral service in Tuscany. I can come to your garden for personal, hands-on sessions, in which we can cover what you need most, giving you the confidence to work more easily and enjoy your garden to its fullest. As a garden tutor I can help you focus on exactly what you need, on the times and days that suit you best. Sometimes even an experience gardener, new to the region and to the climate, simply needs help finding what suits the soil, and the right suppliers in the area. I can accompany you to specialists nurseries, help you plan maintenance and seasonal activities, perhaps introduce you to local gardening traditions and plant festivals.

Garden tutorials can take place year round and I charge an hourly fee, plus travel. Stop wasting money on plants which always seem to die on you - let an expert help keep your plants and your wallet healthy. 

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